Kitesurfing Season in Cape Town Has Arrived

kitesurfing cape town

Cape Town’s South Easter winds are loud and powerful being heard and felt all throughout the Western Cape. For hundreds of kite surfing enthusiasts, the white caps of the chilled ocean are a tempting oasis, which are howling to be explored. This season, learn about Adventure Kitesurfing, the Cannon Rocks Kitesurfing Classic, and nominate the Most Influential Girl Kitesurfer.

Kite surfing as a sport is growing and two South African men took Adventure Kitesurfing to a new level. Zack Buchan and Ross Walters kitesurfed from Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique to Durban, South Africa, a total of 430 km. This daring adventure has been referred to as, “the most ambitious kitesurfing expedition ever planned off the African coast.” The two males faced weather obstacles, or the lack of wind from time to time but they had the gear and skills to make it all happen. To learn more about Zach’s and Ross’s epic voyage click here to be blown away by their endurance and ambition.

No worries if a six-day ultimate kitesurifng adventure is too much for you, there is plenty of shorter events to participate in. The Cannon Rocks Kiteboarding Classic is taking place January 3 to the 6 2013. Sponsored by the Cannon Rocks Beach Club, the annual event is an international competition designed to stimulate interest, gain sponsorship, and bring together a group of passionate kitesurfers. “This event was organized to bring together the professional approach to the sport and the passion that drives it under one sky. Not only, to go beyond a mere competition, but also more towards an “experience” where winning becomes secondary. Where it is all about sharing a passion.” Even if your not a kitesurfer, plan a road trip and join in on the fun, there is plenty to see!

The kitesurfing culture has had an influx of female surfers. To meet the needs of the brave active women, kitesurfing gear has been designed to enhance female ability giving them the opportunity to master the waves. Freug’s is a kiteboarding brand that has designed and developed boards tailored for female form. To acknowledge the pioneering women in the kitesurfing world the MIGK is holding a ‘Most Influential Girl Kitesurfing Competition.’ General nominations have already closed but on 20 October the top 10 nominees will be announced. The final stage of voting will occur until 22 of November. Click here to have a look at how to nominate the winner!

Whether you’re an extremie who is planning an adventures kitesurfing trip this summer or an expert ready to compete, or simply a novice feeling the waves out, the coasts of South Africa are your playground so don’t hesitate, gear up, get a group of friends together, and enjoy what mother nature has to offer you, a season of wind and waves.

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