Choose the Right Eco Friendly Sunscreen

eco friendly sunscreen

With the hot summer sun beating down, it’s important to make sure that you’re wearing enough SPF. But it’s time to leave behind the chemicals and toxins that are found in conventional sunscreens and opt for a more eco friendly sunscreen.

No Fun in the Sun

Although wearing sunscreen is non-negotiable because it’s a necessity to protect skin from the harmful sun’s rays, there are chemicals in sunscreen that could be damaging to your health.

Although sunscreen protects against skin cancer, some ingredients in sunscreen can actually increase your risk of contracting cancer. According to the Environment Working Group, oxybenzone is one of these ingredients. It works by soaking up ultraviolet light to prevent it from being absorbed into your skin. However, this ingredient itself is absorbed into the body, which can lead to hormone disruption. Another ingredient, Retinyl palminate (a type of Vitamin A) has been found to increase the risk of skin cancer when it was tested on laboratory rats.  Such harmful ingredients form a barrier on the skin to protect against the sun’s rays, but they also trap in toxins which can be dangerous to the body’s hormonal functioning and nervous system. 

Screen your Sun Protection

Although sunscreen contains health risks, that does not mean you can give it a skip. But it also means that your best bet against sun protection and possible health dangers is to choose a more natural sunscreen that does not contain harmful ingredients.  The good news is that by terminating the use of conventional sunscreen and switching to an organic one, you prevent damage to your skin and make it healthier.

Natural Beauties

Worship the sun and protect your skin the natural way with these goodies:

  1. Sunumbra is a natural sunscreen that contains organic ingredients such as broccoli sprout and green rooibos extract, and it is water resistant. It also spreads into the skin easily without leaving behind a white residue.
  2. Badger Unscented SPF 30 Sunscreen is natural, chemical-free and provides a safe barrier to the sun. Its unscented property makes it great to use, especially if you have sensitive skin. It doesn’t drip and it’s sting-free if it gets into your eyes.
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