A Recyclable Computer?

recyclable computer

The world’s first recyclable computer exists!

A personal computer made out of wood has been designed by German scientists. The computer that looks like a screen placed on a chopping board is said to be one of the most environmentally friendly computers on earth because every part of it can be recycled.

You can view the computer here.

Although the computer does have a touch screen, it has a wooden frame and copper piping to replace an energy-zapping fan that is standard on other computers. This kind of piping isn’t noisy either so you can work comfortably without disruption.

The computer’s carbon footprint is 70 percent less than a regular personal computer, and when recycling it the parts can be used in other computers. The touch screen is said to have low energy consumption.

The German scientists who designed this computer called it the iameco (pronounced as ‘I am eco’) and it has already won an EU Ecolabel award. Ecolabel is a premier European award that recognises excellence in products and services which meet the highest environmental standards.

Make Your PC Work Better

Although you don’t have your hands on this smart and green computer, this story is inspiring to remind you to make your computer as eco-friendly as possible. Here are some ways to do it:

  1. Hit the power when your computer is not in use to save energy, especially at night. Sleep mode still uses some energy so rather turn the pc off completely.
  2. Don’t use a screen saver. Screen savers were designed to save the phosphorescent coating that is inside monochrome monitors but these are not used much today, so you don’t need active screen savers on your computer that use up energy.
  3. Only print what is necessary and rather get into the habit of editing documents on screen.
  4. When you no longer want your computer, try donating it to a non-profit organisation or re-use as many components as you can with a new computer. For instance, your mouse or keyboard can often be used with a new monitor.
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