How Eco Sexual Are You?

eco sexual

Does your love life match your green living? Here’s how to improve your eco sexuality.

What is Eco Sexuality?

It’s about leaving a smaller carbon footprint in the bedroom and ensuring that your sex life doesn’t put pressure on the environment.

Dating Eco!

It could help your eco sexuality stakes to date like-minded people who are eco-friendly and open to greening it up in the bedroom. This is a great way to share common interests and values with your partner, which could lead to a more sustainable and satisfying relationship.

Make Your Love Lighter

What you do in the bedroom to help the environment could enrich the connection you have with your partner. Doing things such as using natural lubricants or sex toys can be a fun way to re-ignite your sexual spark. Visit The Sensual Vegan for lots of fun eco goods that will spice up your bedroom antics.

Other eco tips that don’t cost a thing include saving electricity at night by having candle-lit dinners instead. This is a fun way to rekindle romance while saving energy. Another idea is to have a bath or shower together to save water! You can purchase eco candles from Cape Town Candle Company. They offer deliciously scented ones sure to boost your mood.

Take this quiz to find out how eco sexual you are:

Are you eco savvy?

Are you a master of eco sexuality or do you need some tips to make it happen?

1. Your ideal romantic dinner would include:

a) Your boyfriend making you a scrumptious breakfast from scratch.
b) Going to your favourite fancy restaurant and ordering a healthy but delicious dish.
c) Coffee and a pasty from your local shop.

2. You’ve decided to buy new bedroom décor. What happens to old sheets you no longer want?

a) They get binned.
b) You sew them into pillow cases.
c) You donate them to a charity.

3. When it comes to the condoms you and your partner use, they’re:

a) The regular kind.
b) Often flushed down the toilet after use.
c) Vegan.

4. Your lingerie is mostly made out of:

a) The finest silk.
b) Bamboo.
c) Nylon.

Your score:

1. a3 b1 c2
2. a1 b3 c2
3. a2 b1 c3
4. a2 b3 c1


Get It On Green
You don’t seem to be following an eco-friendly love lifestyle at the moment, so here are some ways to improve that. Try to cut down how often you go to restaurants because this notches up carbon miles (think of the driving to get there) and cook organic meals at home. This is a great way to connect with your partner. Ditch the nylon underwear and opt for more sustainable fabrics such as bamboo. Stella McCartney has designed a range of eco-friendly lingerie called Stella, that includes recycled metal hardware and organic cotton gussets. Proof that eco can be sexy. Check it out here.

It’s Good to Be Green
Although you seem to have a good grasp of eco love, there are some improvements you can make. Try your hand at upcycling old sheets, pyjamas or décor into creative items. This is a great way to use what you currently have without always having to replace them. It’s good that you try to donate things you don’t use anymore to charity as this not only helps others but prevents waste. Be a bit more observant of ingredients and fabrics in what you purchase – that fine silk lingerie might be gorgeous, but opt for organic silk instead.

Eco Warrior
You’re not only eco sexual but eco savvy. You love finding ways to make your love life more sustainable and kinder to the earth. This can be seen in how you opt for eco fabrics, how you try to upcycle what you have, as well as your approach to sex. From eco-friendly condoms to cooking romantic dinners at home, you’re all about making your love bloom in the best way.

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