Mix ‘n Match Décor Creates Magic

mix n match decor

Are you designing your home but battling to find accessories that match? Are you trying to create a simple, yet synchronised look? It’s time to stop stressing. This year and 2013 focuses on mixing and matching décor. Here’s your fuss-free guide.

Fast Fact: The environment benefits from this design style because it’s a great way to make your décor more sustainable.

You can make mixing and matching look gorgeous instead of cluttered.

Use it, Don’t Lose it

You know those dinner plates that don’t match or that vintage chair that seems to stand out too much? Don’t let them go! Colourful, patterned or mismatched items can breathe fresh air into a room. Sometimes a mistake made when using the mix ‘n match approach is overkill. You don’t want a room to look messy, but rather like you threw together lots of different styles. Focus on a few striking pieces, such as plates that have contrasting patterns or a chair that is the only red piece in the room, so that these will be eye-catching against the more toned-down pieces.

Balance it Out

Synchronisation is the key to style. Balance out your décor by combining bold patterns with solid colours or neutrals. This prevents various styles in a room from trying to overwhelm each other. So, for instance, you could have a bright Victorian print on the bedroom walls but then keep your bedding a neutral shade.


Everything has a use. In fact, every piece of furniture can be upcyled into something creative.  This prevents you from having to bin old items and provides solutions for those pieces that leave you going, ‘What do I do with this?’ Think out the box. For instance, you could use a pretty mug as a vase or a solitary kitchen chair as a stand in the corner of a room where you can place a pot plant. A bit of quirkiness is great to add some character.

Colour Me Stylish!

Colour plays an important role in a room’s mood, but it can be difficult to know what shades can be thrown together. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Those aquamarine pillows might look good on a lilac bed; likewise, burnt orange could tie in well with pale pink. Play around with colours to find combinations that look good and make you feel fabulous. If you’d prefer seeing colour charts instead of using your home as a playground, a great site to visit is Design Seeds where you can experiment with colour palettes to find what works.

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