Enhance Your Health With A Juicer


What you eat determines how you will feel because in the end you truly are what you eat. This is why we suggest you try using a juicer. With a juicer you can incorporate a range of fruits and vegetables into your diet, which have known health benefits.

I must admit juicing was introduced to me by my new roommate who at 6:30am everyday shakes up the house with the loud noise of the juicer. After much encouragement from her, I made my first juice, a simple pineapple, orange, lime mix. I was shocked at how amazing it tasted and how refreshed I felt. She explained to me the methods of juicing and how certain juices contain properties that help with feeling fatigued. I thus began my experimenting with juices. This is what I have discovered.

Juicing has a range of benefits and can enhance your health. There are cellular cleansing benefits, which occur when our bodies respond to processing a raw liquid. If you think about it using common sense, the body has little digestive work to do when it processes a liquid. From a science perspective the squeezed juice is nutrient dense and enters your system quickly. Vegetables when cooked loose some of their nutritional value so consuming them raw is really the best way to receive all nutritional value.

The daily intake of raw vegetables is hard for any individual to consume but if you place those vegetables in a juicer, you will be shocked as to how many vegetables you can contain in one serving. For example my simple citrus juice was made from one entire pineapple, five oranges, and one lime. I would never just sit down and eat that much fruit! Not to mention how I made a juice with spinach and one with kale! Juicing helps bring new vegetables into your diet. I am moving up in the juice world and am ready to introduce herbs. Parsley and cilantro can add to the taste and nutrients. Click here to watch a short clip on the benefits of juicing.

The selection and combination of different fruits and vegetables changes the health benefits you will get. I am personally learning how to pick juice blends for my own daily heath needs. For example I learned cucumber juice cleans your kidneys, lower’s high blood pressure, and improves your skin. Beet juices cleanse the blood while strengthening the gall bladder. Cranberries contain quercetin and tannis while apples contain malic acid. Look here for some juice recipes and see which ones could meet your needs.

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