Eco-Friendly Travel Tips for the Festive Season

How to Pack Lightly

While you’re thinking about green holiday destinations and eco-friendly modes of travel, don’t forget what’s right under your nose: your luggage. How you pack for your getaway can make a huge difference in lowering your carbon footprint. Here are our top eco-friendly travel tips to packing green!

Lighten Up!

This is not always easy to achieve, especially since as women we’ve always got loads of stuff we want to bring on holiday, but think about the plane you’re boarding. A lighter load will result in the plane using less fuel. Be much more critical about what goes into your bags and focus on less. Do you really need that sequined dress or those gold stilettos? Think critically about each item before it gets tossed into your bag.

Re-use it, Don’t Lose it

Invest in items that can be used more than once to prevent you from creating waste on your holiday. For instance, buy a water bottle that can be refilled many times before being disposed of, and purchase shopping bags that are reusable, such as those you can get from Woolworths which won’t result in lots of plastic ending up in landfills.

One Item, Loads of Wear

Bring items of clothing that you can get a lot of wear out of because they’re versatile, able to match many other items you wear and that can be worn to more than one occasion. For instance, one denim skirt can be used for going shopping and hitting the beach, while sandals can be worn when chilling out with friends, lounging around the hotel room, and so on.

Techno Benefits

It’s fun to sink your teeth into a good novel on holiday, but lugging around loads of books is not very eco-friendly. You might consider investing in a Kindle that offers you a great way to have thousands of books right at your fingertips and it makes for a much lighter load. The benefit of technology is that you can bring documents and books with you without having to make your luggage overflow.

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