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eco wedding

Eco wedding season in South Africa is here and there is plenty of planning and fun to be had. From purchasing the magical dress, to choosing the food, and designing the invitations wedding planning can be overwhelming. Live Eco believes planning a wedding should be a balance between enjoyment and making smart choices. That is why we would like to share some ways to be eco friendly and economical.


When choosing a venue think about where all your guests will be traveling from. Their commutes add to the carbon footprint of your wedding so try to pick a relatively central location. If you are having a church ceremony then think of having the reception venue close by.


Approach eco wedding dress designers such as Lunar, Dimity or go vintage and use pieces from your mom or granny’s gown and veil.


South Africa is a fortunate place, which is filled with farming and local produce, as well as local flowers! Work hard to source locally and you will be happy to support the local economy, reduce transport emissions, and have wonderful fresh food served.


A variety of materials are used to make the night represent your love so look for ways to rent or reuse materials instead of purchasing them. The history of your material’s matter! There is a range of certified products available so incorporate fair-trade, organic, kosher, and eco-certified products.


It is all about you and the gifts will be coming your way! Sign up for a eco gift registry service, such as Give Eco. This will encourage your friends to purchase gifts that you want, need, and will use while doing it in an ecological and economical way.


We are all aware that the greater a population the greater the impact. The same goes for a wedding! The more people invited the greater the use of resources, such as food and drinks. The larger the venue the greater the amount of waste produced post wedding day, adding to our landfills and recycle centers. Choose your guests wisely because in the end it is more affordable and ecological to share it with a smaller number of guests.

Making your wedding eco-chic is simple and it feels wonderful to make environmentally smart choices.

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