eLabel: Promoting Ethical & Sustainable Consumption

A couple of months ago I was asked by the eLabel team to help them shoot their first consumer awareness commercial. It was a cold winter’s morning when the small crew descended upon Wellness Warehouse in Kloof St.

This 90 second concept video shows how concerned consumers can have the power to choose which products to support when making purchasing decisions. By taking a few seconds to download an app to their smartphone, and scan in the barcode of a product, consumers have immediate access to objective 3rd party information about the product they’re wanting to buy.

Below is the result, watch the video to see how you can start making informed, ethical purchasing decisions. If you haven’t heard of eLabel yet then you need to check them out, download the app and start scanning. It’s a fantastic way to bring about a consumer watchdog mentality in the average South African shopper and is a simple, quick way to ensure that brands are really what they say they are.

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/9NO-0gt7Hh0″ title=”elabel”]

eLabel has progressively expanded its product database so that already almost the entire food range of Woolworths is available for consumer scanning as well as a number of products from other major retailers. Even if a consumer scans a product that isn’t on the database, the enquiry gets queued and rated so that it gets prioritised for uploading and research. eLabel is working collaboratively on a series of projects with Fairtrade, SASSI, MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) BWI (Biodiversity & Wines Initiative) and others to put the power of choice where it belongs; back in the hands of civil society.

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