Would You Stay in this Green Hotel?

green hotel

When going on holiday you might want to ensure that you stay at a green hotel, and you’re in luck because eco-friendly ones have been on the rise. There are some surprising finds, though, which are perfect for the adventurous eco traveler.

Can I Book a Tube?

Welcome to the TuboHotel in Mexico where the rooms are made out of recycled industrial concrete sewers and storm drains. There are twenty tubes to choose from, with each one containing a comfortable bed, views of the mountain, a night lamp, fan and a bit of storage. When you need to freshen up in the bathroom, however, you’ll have to head to a separate bath house that’s situated nearby. The hotel facilities are really limited, but the hotel does offer cooking classes with a celebrity chef so that you can still gain some glitz and glamour if that’s your idea of a great holiday. On Trip Advisor, some previous guests who stayed at the hotel reviewed it as being a fun experience, offering clean and comfortable accommodation, and the bonus is that rooms come with wifi, allowing you to stay connected.

From Tubes to Tourists

So how did the idea for this hotel come about? According to the Daily Mail, the hotel owner, Robb Anderson, said that he found the pipes by chance. ‘The tubes were just lying there doing nothing so one day we asked if we could use them,’ he says. ‘They said yes so we decided to make a hotel.’ Talk about having a creative mind! After a mere three months of construction, the hotel was ready to open.

How Much Does it Cost?

If you are interested in staying at the TuboHotel, it will cost you approximately £20 per night to stay during the week and £35 if you want a tube on the weekends.

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