Feel Great with these New Year Resolutions

new years resolutions

Live Eco chats to local experts on how to make 2013 an amazing year!

‘You can’t change who you are but you can work on how you are,’ believes Judy Klipin, Master Life Coach and the author of Life Lessons for the Adult Child.

She suggests that rather than creating New Year resolutions for 2013, try setting intentions – as these are more likely to work as they encourage rather than force. According to Judy, a new year is the perfect time to make better choices as well as fresh commitments that are more appropriate to where you are at. It is also a great opportunity to ‘check-in’; asking yourself how happy you are in your life and how  you could improve on this.

‘Choose a theme for the year,’ Judy advises. ‘It could be a word, a song, a picture or even a phrase – anything that serves as a reminder of what you want to get out of the year.’

Mark Smith of Wildcats Adventure Coaching believes that the first step to a positive new year is to accept responsibility for our lives and be clear about what you want.

‘We all have goals, but what often happens is that we get side tracked and our priorities shift,’ explains Mark. ‘A way to avoid this is to relax into yourself and focus on being the best you can be for the future, finding some really smart ways to achieve this.’

Mark believes that where you’re at in your life right now is the direct result of where you’ve been – meaning that the look and feel of your future will depend on the choices you make today. For a more healthy happy life make efforts to surround yourself with people you respect as well as finding a physical activity that you enjoy.

‘Fit fun into your diary at least three times a week,’ he adds. Amen to that!

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