Beauty Trends to Boot for 2013

What are the beauty trends that we should lose now that 2013 is upon us? Here’s how to clean out your make-up bag and throw in some hot trends for a brand new look.

Nude Eye Make-Up

Switch it for: Electrified Eyes

Donna Karan, Michael Kors and Lela Rose all focused on attention-grabbing eyes at the New York Fashion Week (Spring 2013) runway shows. Yes, the natural look can still have its place, but 2013 is all about eye-catching glamour! So play around with colourful eye shadow. The brighter, the better! Try eco-friendly ZAO cream eye shadow in Amethyst or Golden Blonde for a great punch of colour.

Glossy Lips

Switch it for: Matte Magic

Forget slaving away with high maintenance gloss and choose matte lipstick. Just make sure you prevent it from drying out by regularly exfoliating your lips with a soft cloth and warm water. When touching up on your matte lipstick, instead of lathering more layers of colour, rather remove the lipstick and apply it from scratch to nude lips. This prevents the matte layers from becoming cakey. Try organic matte lipsticks from Earths Beauty Deluxe.

Tousled, Frizzy Hair

Switch it for: A Sleek Mane

Hot off the runway: Smooth and manicured hair. Arm yourself with a good straightening tong, such as Turboion Croc infrared flat iron that comes with an eco-friendly digital display. If you’re prone to wavy or frizzy hair, use an anti-frizz product such as green anti-frizz shampoo, Alterna Bamboo. Say hello to gorgeous locks!

Super Plucked Eyebrows

Switch it for: Fuller Ones 

Now’s the time to let those babies grow a bit more as bold eyebrows are in. That doesn’t mean you can become negligent, though. Still erase those stray hairs on a regular basis to keep brows looking defined.

Bold Nail Polish

Switch it for: Nude nails

Neutral nail colours are becoming trendy and the bonus is that they usually last longer than darker shades, while making flaws such as scuffs or cracks less noticeable. Try delicious soft shades from Essie that are free of formaldehyde, a pungent gas that can irritate eyes, mucous membranes and the upper respiratory system.

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