Natural Mosquito Repellent Remedies for a Bug-Free Summer

natural mosquito repellent

Warm summer nights are heavenly but they also bring with them the terrors of the night – AKA mosquitos! How do you beat the mozzies without having to use toxic chemicals which are harsh on skin and worse for the environment? Follow these tips to ensure your green conscience stays clear and your skin itch-free all summer long.

Buy a mosquito net

Although they can feel a bit on the claustrophobic side, if you get a large enough one and hang it like drapes you’re bound to feel like a princess in a four poster bed! Buy them in funky colours to make a feature of it.

Burn citronella candles

Citronella is an essential oil that has natural insect repellent properties– and a lovely smell too. Available at most health stores as well as Pick ‘n Pay, remember to play safe with open flames.

Close the windows

Usually mosquitos come out at dusk, so make sure to close all (or most) windows just before this time of the day. If you really struggle without the fresh air, perhaps invest in an eco-friendly insect screen.

Cover up

I know it’s hot, but the less skin that is left exposed means fewer mozzie bites. Try pyjamas in fabrics that are thin, light and breathable – like bamboo or organic cotton.

Natural repellent

There are plenty of great natural mosquito repellents on the market, such as Bugger Off Spray, local made from lanaline shea butter and a combo of essential oils. Available at Wellness Warehouse.


Mosquitos may be annoying, but what’s a little itch when you’re a lover of nature? Bear in mind that mosquitos are part of the eco system and therefore have just as much of a right to be here as you do. Just at a distance!

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