Would You Propose to Your Boyfriend?

eco-friendly proposal

You love your guy and he loves you. He just hasn’t popped the question yet. You can’t help but feel yourself growing impatient, but perhaps giving him an ultimatum isn’t your style. The other option is to take matters into your own hands and ask him for his hand in marriage.

Say ‘Yes’ to Asking

Some pros to proposing marriage include:

  1. You break tradition and do what feels right for you.  Who says you have to be tied down to the regular way of doing things? You can determine what is good for you and your partner, based on your individual needs.
  2. You take charge of your romantic future without waiting around to be asked.  This can feel very empowering.

Or… not?

There are some cons, though, such as:

  1. You might feel nostalgic for tradition. It’s traditional for the man to pop the question, so you might feel awkward that you did it. Ask yourself if you want to have a traditional proposal or if you’re comfortable to do something different.
  2. There’s always the risk that he’ll say no. This feels daunting! Take into account his thoughts on marriage and what he says about your future together to find out if you’re on the same wavelength before you decide to propose.

Put an Eco Ring on it

Now that you’re ready to ask for his hand in marriage, make sure you choose an eco-friendly ring. Jewellery always makes a statement, so make sure that you’re telling the world you’re in love and green! According to nodirtyGold.org, producing just one gold ring results in 20 tons of mine waste! That’s not very comforting, especially since such waste ends up contaminating drinking water and the environment.

1. Visit greenKarat

Here you’ll find an array of rings made from recycled gold. All the rings are handmade in the US and Canada. However, you might not like the idea of the CO2 emissions required to ship out a ring to you.

2. Something Old…

Another option is to go the vintage route. Why not use a ring that has been passed down through generations? This is a very special idea that will make the proposal and engagement ring so much more special. Plus, it scores highly on the eco-friendly chart as you won’t need to have any rings transported to you and you won’t require new materials and resources to be used in the making of new rings.

3. Think out the Box!

There are some other fun ideas for engagement jewellery. Try Thanda Zulu jewellery that is socially conscious and made in rural areas of South Africa, thus bringing hope and employment to communities  – and something pretty for you and your fiancé to wear that doesn’t have to be a traditional ring. Paper bead jewellery is another interesting idea that will enable you to be eco-friendly, sentimental and unique.

Green Locations

You never forget where you were proposed to, so make sure you choose a green location. Exchange the idea of hot air balloon rides or plane trips to exotic locations for something simpler and kinder to the environment.

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