Wedding Planning Survival Guide

wedding planning

Hosting a wedding is no mean feat, and stress is the biggest enemy to enjoying a day that is supposed to be perfect and memorable. Here Live Eco talks to local experts who give their best advice for this special time:

‘Only step into your planning shoes once you have taken the time to enjoy your engagement and celebrate with family and friends,’ says Lesley of Serene Bride Weddings.  Because you will only be engaged for a relatively short time, it is important to revel in every romantic moment before moving onto the next step.

Details, details

Once the date and venue have been finalised, Lesley suggests putting together a template sheet to record every detail, including the contact details of everyone involved – then give a copy to someone you trust as a back-up.  ‘A quick and easy reference sheet saves endless time especially if you lapse into a panic mode one day,’ she says.

‘Set timelines for yourself so that you don’t feel you need to do everything at once,’ adds Nicci of Nicolette Weddings. This ensures that the last few weeks before your big day aren’t overwhelming.

Staying sane

Talk to a girlfriend when it feels too much as venting can help you de-stress and help keep things in perspective. Also plan days where you don’t talk at all about the wedding – it is important to enjoy some normalcy where the wedding isn’t an all-consuming topic in your life.

‘Remember that no one wins the ‘best wedding ever’ competition so there is no need to compete,’ advises Nicci Le Cok, a women who has planned her own wedding at the same time as co-ordinating client weddings. ‘Nobody is going to know what didn’t turn up at your wedding – it can be your little secret.’


Once the majority of the planning is over, set aside time to let your hair down, such as catching up with friends or spending quality time with your fiancée. Pampering yourself at a spa is also a good idea – but remember, no wedding talk!

‘Do not feel guilty about the time off,’ says Lesley. ‘When you step back, you reinvigorate your body and mind for the next phase of wedding planning.’

Consider hiring a wedding planner: By letting a professional take care of all the event details, you may save yourself a lot of unnecessary stress. Durban-based Lesley can be contacted on or check out her website here: Serene Bride Weddings. Alternatively, you can contact Nicci from Cape Town at to find out more about her services: Nicolette Weddings.

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