Before You Choose a Vintage Wedding Dress


A vintage wedding dress is a great way to look beautiful and go green (as well as keep within  your wedding budget). Make sure you bear these tips in mind before you fall head over gown at your local vintage store.

Does it Need Fixing?

If you find a vintage dress that looks gorgeous but requires a bit of repair, make sure you notice exactly what will need mending before you purchase it. Repairs are common with vintage dresses, but bear in mind that a button that’s missing is one thing and easily repaired, while a strange smell or yellowing lace is quite another that might not be worth your money. Scrutinise the dress with objective eyes (and preferably bring a friend along for extra assistance) so that you don’t make a mistake.

Experiment with Different Styles

You can’t assume that just because you like a certain style of dress that it will suit you. Vintage dresses can be particularly tricky when taking the styles of different eras into account, so try on everything that appeals to you and keep an open mind to find a dress that matches your body type best.

Something New

Although your gorgeous vintage gown is going to be the focal point of your look, avoid trying to match your make-up, hair and accessories to it. This might make you look like you’ve fallen out of a photograph from decades ago! Try to keep the rest of your look modern as this will have a much better effect.

After the Wedding

So you’re probably not going to wear your vintage wedding dress again once the wedding’s over. But if it breaks your heart to think that it will not have anymore use, think out the box about how you could still use it. Perhaps it can be transformed into a shorter dress, or you could use the material to create something else. That way, you have something useful and pretty to bring you joy for many years to come.

Where to find vintage dresses

Check out the following local websites for some fabulous dresses:
Vintage Lace
The Wedding Boutique

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