Throw Your Best Friend a Green Bachelorette Party!

green bachelorette party

A girl never forgets her bachelorette party. But make sure the world doesn’t forget it either – and for all the right eco-friendly reasons.

Here’s how to throw a fun green bachelorette bash for your best friend.

Keep the Party Going!

You don’t want all the party guests to have to travel a large distance in order to reach the club or other party location. If it’s not close by, why not suggest hiring car-pooling or a taxi service such as Cabs for Women that can ensure everyone gets there and back safely, while preventing all the guests from using their cars? This cuts down on carbon emissions and is also a good bet if you’re going to be drinking.

Choose an Eco-Friendly Location

There are many different options available to you when choosing a fun location for the bachelorette party. Why not host it at your home, which can be cheaper as well as more eco-friendly? Another option is to choose a fun activity that your friend will love, such as a spa day. Choose a fabulous green spa such as Africology.

Email Invites

Instead of wasting a lot of paper to invite everyone, why not email the invites? This is much easier for people to  RSVP in a flash and it makes the invitation process a lot kinder to the earth.

Try Some Organic Cocktails

Before the party begins, why not enjoy a drink? But make it green – yes, your cocktails can be green! Check out this site for healthy and fun organic drink recipes to try.

Naughty Toys

No green bachelorette party is complete without some fun. Just make sure you only give the bride-to-be body-safe green toys. You can find some eco-friendly toys (as well as other gems like organically grown silk sheets) at Matildas, while Lovecraft offers the eco-friendly and waterproof We Vibe 3 toy that can add some spice to the bedroom.

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