Are You Allergic to Latex?

allergic to latex

It’s not a very common allergy, but experiencing a sensitivity towards latex can strike you and cause you some despair. Here’s more info about it and how it impacts your bedroom banter.

What’s a Latex Allergy?

A latex allergy could mean that you are sensitive to the proteins that are naturally found in latex or to the industrial chemicals that have been added to it.


There are various degrees of severity when it comes to latex allergies. Some sufferers who come into contact with latex products, such as gloves or condoms, might experience intense symptoms such as not being able to breathe or hives, while others might only feel itchiness or redness in the area that is exposed to latex. A good way to find out for sure if you have a latex allergy is by getting a blood test.

Latex and Foods

If you’re allergic to latex, there’s a good chance that you will also be allergic to what are called “latex fruits.” These are fruits that contain the same proteins found in latex, and such fruits include kiwis, bananas and papaya.

Latex Condoms

You know that you have to protect yourself during sex by using condoms, but what do you do if you’re allergic to latex? Luckily, in recent years there has been in increase in alternatives, such as Durex non-latex condoms that prevent the nasty side-effects from exposure to latex. Durex has a range of non-latex condoms such as Durex Avanti, Real Feel and Deluxe that are also free of animal-derived products, thus suitable if you’re a vegan.

When using  non-latex condoms, always check the expiry dates – sometimes non-latex condoms expire a bit faster than the latex variety. The bonus about using non-latex condoms is that your partner will love that they enhance sensation during sex because they feel more natural.

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