Eco Friendly Pet Toys

eco friendly pet toys

You’re not the only one who benefits from eco-friendly accessories – so does Fido. Here are some tips on green goodies for your furry friends.

Just think about it: Your dog’s or cat’s toys always end up in his or her mouth. If they’re not organic, this can result in chemicals being a little too close for comfort, especially if your pet tears the toy to shreds and ingests some of it. Pet toys usually contain dangerous ingredients such as phthalates and bisphenol (BPA) that can leak into the mouths and bodies of pets. These chemicals are usually found in plastic and vinyl products. They are dangerous because they are hailed as endocrine disruptors which mimic the estrogen hormone. They can lead to health problems in your pet.

Choosing eco toys for your pets means looking after their health and keeping them safe.

Where to Find Eco Friendly Pet Toys

Toys that are green will usually be made from sustainable materials such as bamboo or cotton. Check out Hund for some local hemp-based toys and Shinga Vet for a range of interesting and fun organic goodies.

Make Your Own

To save you money and also recycle old items you no longer use, why not give your pet something to play with that’s just taking up space around the house? Take old organic cotton tees and tie them up into knots. This is a great chew toy for pets and you can even tie sweet treats to the t-shirt that will make it fun for them to fetch. Old jeans and towels can also be great tug toys. Whatever you use as a toy for your pet, always make sure it is not plastic and that the original items are eco-friendly, otherwise these can be unsafe.


Natural pet toys are important, not just for your dog’s health but also for your carbon footprint. Always check where the toy is made. If it had to travel many miles to reach you, then this has resulted in a higher carbon footprint. Locally produced toys are always the best option, plus you’ll be supporting our local communities and industries.

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