Natural Healing Tips for Colds and Flu

Going to the doctor for another script of antibiotics when you’re down with a cold or flu is not always a good thing. Such medications can kill off many healthy cells in the body and they often have side-effects. Here are some natural healing tips to prevent and fight colds and flu this winter.

Work it off

Exercise is a great way to prevent colds and flu from striking. Aerobic exercise makes the heart pump more blood, making you breathe faster and sweat. These all help to increase the body’s healthy cells that attack and kill viruses.

Eat Phytochemicals

Natural chemicals found in plants are essential to building immunity in the body. Eat more dark green, red and yellow fruits and vegetables.

Take an ‘Under the Duvet’ Day

Stress can make you predisposed to colds and flu because it weakens the immune system. Find ways to relax and unwind regularly to give your immune system more strength. According to health website WebMD, interleukins in the body are leaders in the immune system and they fight cold and flu viruses. When you relax you increase the amount of interleukins in the blood.

Drink Hot Liquids

These help to relieve nasal congestion, prevent dehydration and they soothe the membranes of the throat and nose that can become inflamed. Eat chicken soup, drink herbal teas and avoid caffeinated drinks as these make you dehydrated.

Echinacea and Zinc

The minute you start feeling like you’re coming down with something try taking zinc and Echinacea. These work together to nip viruses in the bud. However, don’t take them for longer than two weeks because then they lose effect. Speak to your doctor before taking any supplements as they might counteract other medications you’re taking or could be risky if you are suffering from certain health conditions.

Avoid Alcohol

Those pink drinks look appealing but go easy on them. Alcohol suppresses the immune system so you are more vulnerable to colds and flu.

Get Pampered

A massage boosts the body’s circulation, helping to release toxins. It also enables nutrients in the body to be transported to organs more effectively. A massage is a great way to de-stress too!

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