Beat S.A.D and Bad Moods

beat season affective disorder

Not everyone feels happy during the colder months, and sometimes depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D) strikes. Here are some natural ways to beat Seasonal Affective Disorder and bad moods.

Step Outside

Being stuck indoors can get anyone down, but we’re lucky to have the gorgeous sun making a regular appearance during winter. Get out there to top up on your Vitamin D which boosts your immune system. Just don’t forget the eco-friendly sunblock.

A bit of exercise while you’re outside will also boost your endorphins or ‘feel good’ hormones. A study by Canadian researchers has found that some depression may be linked to a vitamin D deficiency.

Have a Bit of Fun

Whether that means snuggling up with your partner in front of a feel-good movie, playing board games with friends or going out for some delicious warm beverages at Organic at Heart, there’s still fun to be had to lift your spirits.

Score Energy

It’s normal to want to hit that snooze button repeatedly during winter, but by eating foods such as fruits and vegetables you can keep your energy levels up. This also helps prevent colds and flu. Adding some complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains, pasta and rice, to your diet is also a good way to sustain you throughout the day. Preventing bouts of hunger help you avoid bad moods and feeling under the weather.

Get a Makeover

Sometimes if you’re down, one of the best ways to feel better is to change your image. This doesn’t have to put a hole in your wallet or require lots of effort. Purchase an item of clothing that you wouldn’t ordinarily try, get a funky new haircut or pamper yourself with some organic skincare bath and skincare products from Meadow Sweet. This pampering boosts your mood and makes you feel invigorated to take control of your life. Be the sun in your life without letting winter get you down!

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