Beauty Trends Winter 2013

beauty trends winter 2013

With a change in seasons comes a change in beauty trends, and designers have been debuting the latest in hair and makeup trends for winter 2013 on runways around the world. For hairstyles, this winter is all about big, dramatic curls, sleek, slicked-back hair and old-fashioned, vintage waves. Here are out top beauty trends winter 2013:

Vintage waves and super-sized curls

This winter is all about big, dramatic curls and old-fashioned waves. Whether you want to channel your favourite starlet from the 1940’s or embrace the big hair trends of the 1970’s, these hair styles have been popping up on runways across the globe and they give you a fantastic way to make a bold statement with one of your best accessories.

Wet look

At shows like Prada, we saw models going down the runway with the wet hair look, as if they had just stepped out of the shower before getting dressed. Although it may not seem like it, this look is versatile – you can leave your hair hanging down, gather it into a loose ponytail, pin it back with a few hair pins, or style it in a loose braid.

Summer makeup trends tend to be light, airy and focused on looking natural, so winter is the perfect season to step it up with dramatic colours and more daring makeup choices. Makeup trends this winter include petal and berry stained lip colours, bright red nails and matte skin that looks perfectly polished.

Matte, polished skin

Summer was the perfect season for dewy skin, but this winter makeup artists are focusing on creating a velvety matte look that leaves the face looking smooth and polished. Apply a coat of foundation and top it off with a dusting of matte powder for a beautiful, full-coverage look.

Petal and berry-stained lips

Say goodbye to nude, neutral lip colour this winter and say hello to bold petal colours and vibrant berry colours. We’re seeing the stained lips trend on plenty of winter runways, meaning the lips look as if they’ve been stained instead of evenly-coloured.

Red nails

Winter is the perfect season to experiment with bold, red nail colour. People tend to dress drabber during the winter, donning mostly blacks, browns and greys, so wearing red nail polish is a fantastic way to get that pop of colour that brings it all together. Go with a deep garnet colour or opt for a bright, flirty red that is sure to get noticed.

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