Eco Winter Wedding Ideas


Eco-friendly isn’t just a term that applies to food and cleaning products anymore. It’s an idea that encompasses an entire way of live, and this includes weddings. If you’re passionate about the environment and are determined to plan your wedding in an eco-friendly manner then you’re in luck. There are many great ideas to make your eco winter wedding one that your guests will never forget, and one that won’t have a negative impact on the environment!

The Dress

The dress is undoubtedly the most important thing, and you may be having difficulty figuring out how to incorporate eco-friendly ideals into selecting a dress, but it is possible. Search the web for vintage wedding gowns or second-hand wedding gowns; you may be surprised at the large selection available. If there are thrift shops in your area, take a visit and ask the shop owner specifically about wedding gowns. Many wedding gowns are only worn once then forgotten about, so buying a vintage or second-hand gown is a great way to re-use a beautiful dress that looks brand new.

eco winter weddingIf you aren’t crazy about wearing a pre-owned wedding gown, there are eco-friendly wedding gown designers such as Los Angeles-based Lindee Daniel who specialise in gowns made entirely from organic, sustainable and vegan fabrics. Having a gown made or purchasing a gown from a designer who only works with organic, sustainably-produced fabrics is a fantastic way to ensure your gown is eco-friendly. You may find an eco-friendly designer who has already created the gown of your dreams, or you may be able to work with them to create a customised gown that is just for you. As the demand for sustainable and responsible clothing grows more and more every day, more designers are getting into the world of eco-friendly clothing and you may be surprised to find that there are environmentally-friendly designers near you.


You’ve no doubt spent a lot of time thinking about table decorations. Instead of opting for the traditional flower centrepieces or bouquets, you can let your creative side out to play and make eco-friendly table decorations that look beautiful and wintry at the same time, such as a bouquet made of fallen pinecones, beautiful leaves and twigs with ribbons that match your wedding colours. These bouquets are not only more eco-friendly than purchasing a lot of fresh flowers, they give off a wintry vibe that will really set the mood.

Having an  eco winter wedding means you have to think about keeping the space warm; you don’t want all of your guests to feel cold and uncomfortable. But hiring heaters for the occasion not only costs a lot of money, it wastes a lot of energy. So what’s the alternative? LED lights, which come in a variety of forms such as lanterns or tiny, dangling strands, make for a beautiful lighting option and also help to keep the room warm. If it’s possible, having your wedding in a space that provides some closure instead of a wide open area will help keep the warmth in, as well as the warmth generated from the body heat. Candles are also a great way to provide warmth in a cold room and they give of a soft, gorgeous glow as well.



Planning the menu for your eco winter wedding also gives you a chance to be green. Instead of selecting out-of-season, non-organic food items, try to find in-season dishes that can be made organically and with local ingredients. Serving food that was harvested and produced in your own region is a great way to support local farmers as well as introduce all of your guests to food options they may have not known about before. With the demand for organic and sustainable food greater now than ever before, there are bound to be many options for you to select from and your guests will enjoy knowing that they’re consuming healthy, locally-grown food.

Even if you can’t manage to make your entire winter wedding eco-friendly, there are steps you can take to ensure that you reduce the impact it has on the environment. These are just a few suggestions you can take in order to plan a winter wedding that you, your guests and the Earth will all love.

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