The Dangers of Lead in Your Lipstick

lead in your lipstick

Bright, gorgeous lipstick shades with moisturising elements, long-lasting vibrancy…and a portion of lead in your lipstick? Suddenly that luscious lip colour doesn’t seem so appealing.

Lead is an ingredient often used in lipstick, but it’s definitely not a good look. With its many health dangers, lead is not something you want in your make-up box and especially not on your face.

It’s Everywhere

We’re often warned about lead in paint, but not so much about lead in lipstick that we’re smearing onto our lips multiple times a day. According to a recent study conducted in America (that was commissioned by ABC’s Good Morning America show and Underwriters Laboratories), 55 per cent of drugstore and department store lipsticks tested positive for traces of lead, with some popular brands being named and shamed.

Kiss of Death

The American Food and Drug Administration has claimed that small amounts of lead in lipstick are safe, but this is not reassuring in the least because even the lowest amounts of this metal can lead to behavioural problems, heart complications and birth defects. Since lead is a neurotoxin, it builds up in the body. Neurotoxins are dangerous because they target the nervous system and disrupt the signalling that neurons use to communicate effectively.

Can you for Lead in Your Lipstick?

No! Don’t believe the hoax that you can tests for lead in lipstick by smearing the lipstick on your hand and then running a gold ring over it. The claim goes that if the lipstick colour turns black, it contains lead but if it doesn’t then it’s safe. This is a myth!

Pucker Up to Health

The best way to ensure that you avoid lead completely is to choose eco-friendly and lead-free lipsticks. Here are some brands to try:

Inthusiasm is organic and lead-free, offering a range of delectable lip colours that are water-resistant as well as offer protection against UVA and UVB rays. They’re perfect when you’re on the go.
Jane Iredale contains a wonderful line of cosmetics, including various lipsticks that contain natural ingredients. Whether you want a slick of gloss or some lip-plumping action, there is a variety to choose from.

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