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home weddings

Home weddings at your home – or your bestie’s beautiful beach-side holiday home – could just be the fabulous wedding idea you’ve been waiting for!

Home Wedding Benefits

There are many benefits to having a home wedding. Here are some of the biggest ones:

1. You cut back on costs! You can save a lot of money that would have gone to choosing a reception venue and all the decorations.

2. It’s kinder to the environment. You’re in much more control of every aspect of the preparations, being able to choose organic options.

3. It can be a great way to create a more intimate wedding atmosphere and guests will probably feel like they can relax more in familiar surroundings.

How to Make a Home Wedding as Green as Possible:

Work with What You’ve Got

If you are having the wedding outside, take an objective look at the garden when planning ahead. For instance, where should tables and chairs be placed? Can those pretty flower and pot plants be moved around to empty areas? Can the large tree branches be ideal spots for hanging lanterns? By working with what you’ve already got, you will be able to cut costs. If, on the other hand, you’re hoping to have the reception indoors, then figure out what you’ll need to decorate the room and if the space is large enough for the number of guests who are attending. The benefit is that you’ll already have furniture, such as tables, to use so this will cut back on costs and the requirement for rentals.

Get the Right Lighting

Outdoor weddings are great because during the day you won’t need much lighting at all, provided it’s sunny outside.  When the evening starts to descend, however, make sure you achieve romantic lighting with the use of soy candles and eco-friendly, biodegradable lanterns.

Set the Green Scene

Have the service and reception of your wedding in the same place. This is an effective way for both you and your guests to reduce your carbon footprints, but it also creates less of a hassle to have to drive from one venue to the next.

Create Interesting Tables

Decorations don’t always have to be ordered for your wedding. If you’re having a beach wedding, collect sea shells or sea glass for an interesting decorative touch. If you’re having a garden wedding in the city, use some vintage pieces to provide interesting table decoration flair. Let your decorations reveal your personality to make your wedding reception much more personal.

Prevent Food Waste

One of the great things about a home wedding is that you can prevent waste, especially in the form of food. Any excess food can be stored away or donated to the poor.

Catering Kudos

Home weddings usually have a more casual food menu – think buffets or platters. This could drastically reduce your expenses and make your food service simpler. Choose an eco-friendly caterer so that you’ll enjoy tasty and earth-friendly foods.

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