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The number of women entrepreneurs is steadily rising, and the beauty industry is seeing its fair share of women bringing creative, inventive and fresh ideas to the table. When it comes to beauty services such as manicures, haircuts, makeup products and more, there has been an influx of excellent business ideas from intelligent women entrepreneurs who aim to make the beauty industry more accessible, more flexible and more appealing to everyone. Let’s take a look at several.

Katina Mountanos – CEO and Co-Founder at Manicube

Launched in June 2012, Manicube is a mobile manicure service for busy people who don’t have time to make it to the nail shop on their lunch breaks. In addition to being convenient, Manicube donates $1 from each manicure to microloans abroad. Whether you want a manicure for yourself or a group of people from the office, book an appointment with a professional nail tech and in fifteen minutes, they’ll have your nails looking good as new.

Caroline Dahllof and Mitra Roknabadi – Founders at P.S. Bty

These two cosmetics lovers both realised they loved products, but hated shopping for them – and an idea was sparked. P.S. Bty gives women access to their own personal “beauty consultant” via Skype, e-mail and chat, allowing them to shop for personalised skincare and makeup products without ever having to leave the house. Simply chat with a beauty consultant about your skin, your skincare routine and what you’d like to change and you’re able to browse through products specifically selected for you.

Catherine Magee – Co-Founder at Coterie

If luxury beauty products are your weakness, then you need to register at Coterie today! Coterie is a members-only website that provides exclusive offers on high-end cosmetics and each member receives customised recommendations and automatic replenishment of product.  Magee founded Coterie with the idea to give more women access to luxury beauty products and makes them more easily accessible online rather than only in high-end boutiques and department stores.

With more and more women carving out a place for themselves in the world of beauty entrepreneurship, you can expect to continue to see creative and innovative ideas worth watching!

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  • A woman who really inspired me was Janine van Zyl from Cold Gold Artisan Ice Cream in Stellenbosch! Only 22 and the owner of 2 businesses! WOW!

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