5 Vegan Wedding Ideas

vegan wedding

If you’re vegan you will love the idea of having a vegan wedding in which nothing gets harmed or killed in order for your special day to be wonderful. Here’s how to make a vegan wedding happen and what you should bear in mind.

Get a Cruelty-Free Face

Before you sign up for that make-over, consider using animal-friendly cosmetics. Cruelty-free make-up is obviously important (check out some of the best cruelty-free brands on the PETA site), but also be careful of any animal products that can be found in cosmetics. These include glycerine or glycerol, which is a by-product of animal fat and can be found in lip products, lotions and soaps. Carmine, also referred to as cochineal or carminic acid, is a red pigment made by crushing thousands of female cochineal insects.

Pass on the Meat!

There are some great vegan wedding caterers whose services you can use for your big day, but bear in mind that not all your guests might be happy with the lack of meat or animal products. This is a question you need to seriously consider. However, there are vegetarian or vegan options, such as tofu, that can be great substitutes for meat in meals and they are tasty as well as filling. You can find some vegan catering contacts on this blog.

Gifts that Keep on Giving

Donate some money to charities or animal shelters on behalf of your guests. This is a great alternative to buying them gifts. It’s your way of thanking them for sharing in your special day while doing something great for animals in need!

Green Dresses

When shopping for a vegan wedding dress, avoid materials such as silk, chiffon, leather, wool, taffeta, pearls and feathers. Keep an eye out for eco materials such as cotton, linen, muslin and lace.


There are many animal-friendly fabrics and centrepieces that can be used in your wedding reception. These include the use of real flowers (give those silk ones a skip!), muslin or linen (such as in the use of tablecloths), and soy candles that can work to create a romantic atmosphere.

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