5 Green Home Business Ideas

Working from the comfort of home is a great eco move: you notch up fewer carbon miles and do your bit to avoid car pollution. If you’re interested in turning your home into an office, there are many opportunities available. Here are some creative ones.

1. Growing Green!

Perhaps you’re a creative person: then why not put that to good and green use? Many people have become more interested in growing their own vegetables and creating sustainable gardens. You can use this to your advantage by designing miniature gardens for them, such as in the form of trays that can fit onto balconies or in other small spaces. There are many different ideas to help people grow their own gardens and if you’re passionate about your own vegetable or herb garden, you’ll help to inspire others.

2. Eco Consulting

Do you know a lot about eco living or is it your passion? If this is the case, you could set up resources for people who want to jump on the green lifestyle bandwagon but are unsure about how to go about it. By setting up a website that features tips on how the live sustainably, you could make money from Google Adsense in the process while making a difference – right from the comfort of home.

3. Gorgeous Green Jewellery Design

If you’ve always been a fashionista at heart, then designing eco-friendly jewellery could be an exciting prospect. Best of all, you can be creative by using recycled materials that are kinder to the environment in your production of unique, unforgettable pieces.

4. Cleaning Green

Who doesn’t love a clean, beautiful office and home? Unfortunately, most people don’t have the free time to dedicate to keeping their living spaces uncluttered and pristine. That’s where you come in! You could sell eco-friendly cleaning products or even go the extra mile by offering cleaning services. With so many people becoming more aware of chemicals in regular cleaning products, green alternatives are a sellable idea.

5. Organic Food for Kids

There are so many harmful things in food these days, so ensuring healthier meals for kids is something moms are interested in. You could come up with organic ideas for children’s food, or bake healthy treats for kids that you can sell to bakeries. This is an important green service to offer, and who knows? You might just become the eco-Nigella!

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