Five Great Organic Lipsticks for Spring

organic lipsticks

What is springtime without romantic lip colour? When the season starts to become warmer and you’re eager for bright colors, chances are red or pink lipstick shades will find their way to your face.

The problem with this is that such shades usually contain carmine in order to achieve their fabulously fruity colours. Carmine is not something you want on your skin as it is derived from the crushed shells of cochineal beetles.

To avoid ingredients such as carmine without losing out on summer colours, make sure you choose organic lippies.

Note: Always check ingredients as carmine sometimes finds its way into organic lipsticks too. Carmine can even be a hidden ingredient, named something completely different! It can be listed as E120, C.I. 75470, Crimson Lake or Natural Red #4.

Here are five carmine-free brands of organic lipsticks for spring:

1. The Body Shop

Best for: Glossy lips

You want solid colour and high shine? A great brand to try is The Body Shop as it has a great line of lipsticks called Delipscious. Made from 100 percent food grade ingredients and partaking in no animal testing, the range contains many warm lipstick shades to choose from. A must-have summer shade is the Sheer Raspberry. It is a surprising candy pink colour in spite of its name.

2. ZAO

Best for: Sensitive lips

ZAO lipsticks are organic and vegetarian. Not just a lipstick, ZAO offers a lip care component too, ensuring your lips remain smooth and moisturised. It’s a great product when you want to treat dry lips and give them a pearly or matte shine.

3. Badger

Best for: When you’re on the go but want a splash of colour
Sometimes you want a bit of bright lip colour but without having to touch up on your lipstick, especially if you’re on the beach or playing sport. Badger Lip Balm and Lip Tints are all certified organic and use nourishing ingredients such as aloe and olive oil. The product doesn’t have a fragrance or parabens, but it comes in great colors, such as Red Jasper and Rose Tourmaline. It also has a shimmery texture too, thanks to its double-ended stick. One side is a lip tint and the other is a lip shimmer.

4. Neal’s Yard Remedies

Best for: Long-lasting sumptuous colour

The lipstick titles are enough to have you craving summer: Persimmon, Blackberry and Pomegranate, to mention a few. Neal’s Yard Remedies mineral lipsticks are 100% vegetarian and long-lasting, without the use of any parabens, silicones or carmine.

5. Lippy Girl

Best for: Candy colours  

Remember those unique candy shades? Lippy Girl has some lovely and fun pink shades to try that will make you think of jelly beans and candyfloss. The best part is that all of them are certified organic. Swipe on some Sassy Ass lip or Vexy Vixen colour.

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