Save Trees with Stylish RainTees

It’s exciting to think that fashion can help save the planet. RainTees lets you look stylish in a tee while doing something great for the rainforests.

Drawing the Force of Change

Beth Doane established RainTees in 2008 to prove that fashion can be made in an ethical and sustainable way. How it works is that RainTees donates school supplies to children who are living in areas of environmental damage and asks them to draw what they see happening around them and in the world. Eco-friendly cotton RainTees are then made, displaying the children’s artwork on them. For every RainTee that gets sold, a tree is planted in an endangered rainforest. RainTees has planted more than 20,000 trees. They also have a RainTees Pen Pal Program which connects thousands of their fans with youth around the world. A great way to show support!

Saving the World One RainTee at a Time

Every RainTee helps the planet by supporting fairtrade and fair labour. Reforestation is encouraged and environmental education is established for youth living in endangered tropical forests and local communities. The harmful effects of climate change and agricultural pollution are eradicated by supporting organic farming and the production of eco-conscious apparel. RainTees and their tree planting partners ensure all planted trees are protected by local communities and placed in areas where they will be most valuable and helpful. RainTees has education partners that include private and public schools, orphanages, as well as NGOs working in more than 30 countries.

From Forests to Fashion Week

Not just eco-friendly, RainTees has been featured on the runways of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, too. It has also been spotted in magazines such as People and InStyle, as well as other eco-conscious websites.

Go on and Get a RainTee!

Get in on the action and do your bit by checking out the RainTees website and buying a fun, colorful and meaningful tee to show your support. While you’re there, see what else you can do to make a difference, whether that includes guest blogging, donating a Facebook status or become a RainTees ambassador.

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