Meet the Finalists {Avant Garde dress}

Our next Avant Garde dress 2013 Top 10 finalist that we are going to introduce to you is Cheron Dreyer from Design Academy of Fashion {DAF}.

Meet Cheron

What was your initial reaction to hearing the news that you had made the cut?

I remember getting to class a bit late, running from the myciti bus station (to make it to class on time)…. when my friend broke the news to me… I’m a finalist! It was like my heart exploded… I was so happy excited and mostly thankful…kept thinking, I’m getting there!

Tell us a little more about your ‘RESILIENCE’ look. What inspired you?

I was inspired by art and Elsa Schiaparelli. I recently had to do a assignment about her and found her work inspiring. She also worked with Salvador Dali, which is my favorite artist of all time. My Avant Garde wedding dress aims to be different and original also bringing together structure as well as femininity which to me symbolises my grandmother.

What challenges have you experienced by adhering to the competition principles of upcycling and only using eco-friendly dyeing techniques?

I found that for the corset part of my dress I ran out of fabric and had to adjust my patterns slightly. Also the colour of my original fabric didn’t come out the way I wanted (used a tea, beetroot and few drops of red wine mixture) so I had to improvise by layering a part a the gold mesh dress over it to mellow it out. The unpicking was also very time consuming, and due to re cutting over already cut pattern pieces seam allowance as a challenge. Sewing with my machine I broke 3 needles. I thus had to hand stitch a lot of my corset.

One thing we should know about you as a designer?

I adore art…and therefore I’m not scared at all when it comes to designing new creative garments. My designs aren’t always conventional and I love to bring out a reaction from my designs. I always try new things. If I can already do a design or know how, I’d move on to the next one. I do this because I want to challenge myself and really see what I’m capable of. For I know the only limits I have are the ones I put up for myself.

What did you want to be growing up?

A surgeon, a social worker and a model!

Name one local designer who inspires you? And internationally?

Locally: Gert Johan Coetzee, he has such a fun sense of style when it comes to his designs…also I like his style.
Internationally: Jean Paul Gaultier, I just adore his designs. One of my recent faves are his spring/summer 2013 haute couture range…really daring and…wow

Do you currently make sustainable choices when it comes to fashion? What, in your view as a consumer, are the challenges to making sustainable fashion choices locally?

Yes I do, I recycle almost all my fabrics. I’ll literally throw away only smaller than 10cm pieces…even then I feel guilty. Buying second hand clothes is a option, but I know a lot of people think wearing secondhand clothes makes you look poor, but that’s just a misconception. I think more people should recycle clothes. Like if you have clothes you don’t want to wear anymore swap with a friend, or even host a party where you do so. It will not only be fun, but you can save money. One man’s trash can be another’s treasure….

Why do you think there are so few ethically and eco-minded designers locally?

I think they limit themselves to thinking a certain way… I would take it as a challenge to see what I can make from old out-dated clothing that no one wants and see how many people would want my end result. Also they might have never even given it some thought…

I can’t start my day without…

Praying and thanking God for another day working towards my goals.

Currently playing on your iPod…

Beware-big Sean

My own style is…

Classic, preppy, fun… basically depends on how i feel on the day. I love to buy plain clean cut clothes and put them together in a way no one has. I also hate repeating outfits, I’ll wear the same items of clothing again, but not in the same way. I feel that keeps my creativity going.

Name 5 celebs (dead or alive) you would most like to invite over for a dinner party?

Elvis, Lil Wayne, Coco Chanel, Michael Jackson and Mother Teresa…. I think that would be a very interesting dinner party!

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

You’re only defeated when you accept it as a reality. Life will bring you down, but the way you stand up is what you’ll be remembered by…never give up.

Current obsession?

Stiletto’s…don’t think I’ll ever get over those… also music. Cant go a day without it.

Top tip when it comes to upcycling?

Use second hand clothes…not just any clothes though, they need to bring out a sort of excitement in you…have a vision. If you don’t feel it on a certain garment, it wont mean you wont feel it on the next. Too many good secondhand clothes go to waste, we can change that…


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