REthink Your Furniture with Double-Duty Décor

Furniture is not just a stylish addition to your home: it can also be functional. Make your furniture work overtime by using double-duty décor items.

Double-duty items are pieces of furniture that have more than one purpose. They can provide creative storage space and give you a chance to decorate stylishly on a budget. Instead of buying two pieces, you can get more use from just one!

Storage Seats

Ottomans are important double-duty items.  If you buy those that contain storage space inside you successfully deal with clutter without anyone knowing what’s inside them. The ottoman can be a coffee table, cool seating spot when you have guests over, or even a lampstand.

Under the Staircase

The spot under the staircase often goes to waste, and yet there are great storage opportunities here. You could create a small space inside the staircase wall in which to pack extra things, or use the area under the staircase to place your wine rack or coat stand. Staircases often take up quite a bit of space, but by thinking of them in a creative way, you open up the room.

Sofa and Room Divider

The sofa is often an important part of your lounge area, but it can also be a clever way to divide a combination room. By placing your stylish sofa in the middle of the living area, you create a boundary between two rooms without needing to go out and buy a divider. This prevents waste while saving you money.

Function and Fabulousness

You can turn your special décor items into funky furniture! If you’re in need of a coffee table, for instance, use your vintage luggage cases that can give your living area a lovely boho chic feeling. Another idea is to stack your books into columns or mini tables if you require the extra functionality of your living space.

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