Five Must-Have Antioxidant Foods for Summer

Often we worry about getting the right nutrients during the colder months to strengthen our immune systems, but powerful antioxidants are just as important during summer. Here are five  antioxidant foods that will help you make the most of the beautiful season.

Green Tea Protects against Sun Damage

Did you know antioxidants can protect the skin from sun damage and some foods can even repair skin? Enter green tea. According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, women who drank green tea polyphenols for three months saw various skin improvements, such as greater elasticity, less scaling and increased moisture.

Eat Squash for Blood Sugar

You need your blood sugar levels to remain constant if you want to be active throughout the summer, so top up on squash. This antioxidant-rich vegetable contains a large amount of B Vitamins, which helps to metabolise sugar in the body. Steam your squash instead of popping it in the microwave to reap more of its nutrients.

Feel Good with Beautiful Berries

Summer and those delicious berry smoothies go together, but eat blueberries in particular as they contain more antioxidants than 40 other common fruits and vegetables. The antioxidant found in the pigment that gives blueberries their colour can protect you against heart disease, cancer, as well as age-related problems, such as memory loss. Blueberries also boost your mood because they’re rich in an antioxidant called anthocyanins.

Beans Fight Disease

It’s not always easy for vegetarians to find good protein sources, so beans are a nutritious and filling substitute for meat. Colorful beans are a must for healthy summer salads because their flavonoids (marked by their natural dyes) act as antioxidants to give you protection against cancer and heart disease.

Watermelon Weight Wonders

What’s more delicious than watermelon? This antioxidant powerhouse is a must for hydration during the summer. Added to this, they are rich in vitamins, without any cholesterol or fat. Perfect to prep you for those bikini days!

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