Upcycled Halloween Costume Ideas

Do you do Halloween? Maybe you don’t but your kids still want to join in on this year’s Halloween costume  fun. Here are a few upcycled Halloween costume and decor ideas for you to try out this Halloween.

upcycled halloween ideas
Make-up trick or treat?


upcycled halloween ideas
Use old fabrics or mosquitos nets to create an Alice in Wonderland outfit


upcycled halloween ideas
Shred old sheets and paint eyes on a balloon to make eery, hanging ghosts to sit out on the porch.


upcycled halloween ideas
Popcorn anyone? Use an old pillow case or baby carrier to create a popcorn bag!


upcycled halloween ideas
Use balloons to create a Bubble bath costume


For more ideas check out our Trick or Treat Pinterest board!

All images via Pinterest.

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