Vivienne Westwood Designs Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping for Lush


This Christmas Vivenne Westwood has designed eco-friendly gift wrapping for Lush Cosmetics in the form of two limited edition “Climate Knot-Wraps“.

The ethical high street beauty brand has been using scarves in place of wrapping paper and gift bags since 2005 in a worldwide effort to cut back on gift wrap. We’ve been encouraging our customers to use fabric as packaging for years – half of our products don’t even need packaging – they come ‘naked’,” says Mo Constantine OBE, co-founder of Lush.

All proceeds from the two limited edition ‘Climate Knot-Wraps’ will be used to raise awareness for Climate Revolution. Founded by Westwood herself, the uprising relies on petitions, demonstrations and of course smaller projects like this one, to encourage us to behave more responsibly towards our environment.

“I always say, buy less and buy better quality – so that what you buy will last” Dame Westwood explains to The Telegraph. “These Climate Revolution Knot-Wraps can replace wrapping paper and will last a lifetime. More importantly, when you buy them you join an uprising: the Climate Revolution that we need if we are to have a future that we can survive and thrive in.”

“This is an exciting collaboration – two iconic British brands coming together, at Christmas, and asking the high street to consider their waste,” explains Constantine.

Knot-wraps are Lush’s take on an ancient Japanese art of ‘furoshiki’; wrapping cloth into modes of clothing, gift wrapping and transport. Each scarf comes with instructions on how to make it into a carrier bag or a ‘Two Bottle Wrap‘.


Available in pink and beige, all 15,000 scarves are woven on 100% cotton by one of the last British-based artisans, each is stamped with a link to Climate Change and also Westwood’s Active Resistance manifesto website.

Climate Revolution Knot-Wraps go on sale November 18, in 891 Lush shops across 51 countries and online at 

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