Travel Destinations That Won’t Break Your Budget

You want to have a fantastic holiday vacation, but your destination shouldn’t have to be an expensive one. Here are some budget-friendly holiday spots and some eco-activities you can partake in while you’re there to create a memorable time.

1. Spain

According to Lonely Planet‘s travel guides, Spain is becoming more affordable as a holiday destination. Although the country has been facing financial problems, this actually works to the advantage of travellers who can find low-cost hotels, items for purchase, and travel attractions.

Good Green Fun:  Go on a guided tour of the beautiful flora and fauna that exists throughout the country.  For something more active, enjoy a cycling tour in the Bardenas Reales nature reserve.

2. Turkey

Turkey’s hotel rates have dropped in the last year, making it a must-see for travellers on a budget. According to an article published on The Telegraph, hotel rates have dropped by approximately $20 (approximately R200) in Istanbul and Antalya since 2012.  Antalya city is especially a good choice for a vacation as it has that holiday destination feeling down: see it’s gorgeous ancient ruins, Mediterranean beaches and low hotel rates.

Good Green Fun: Go on a trek and hike, choosing between many different trails, such as the eco-friendly short trails in Cappadocia or the Kacker Mountains, which is for more seasoned trekkers.

3. Namibia

You can find some good budget-friendly ways to enjoy the main attractions on offer in Namibia. Try fun activities such as sand-boarding around Swakopmund to make the most of outdoor fun at great value.

Good Green Fun: Go on a road trip! Explore beautiful small ghost towns and amazing sand dunes. Yes, you will have to shell out money for petrol but make it a group effort. The open road is much more eco-friendly than stop-and-go traffic, plus it saves fuel. Pack less to make the car more fuel-efficient and make use of reusable utensils, dishes and cups when you’re eating on the go.

4. Honduras

You can get some amazing budget-friendly holidays in Honduras, which is sort of like a discounted version of the Maldives. Food, drinks and accommodation are cheap, which is a huge help! Forbes states that in Roatán, for instance, you could expect to pay half of what you’d pay for accommodation at a higher profile Caribbean island.

Good Green Fun: Check into one of the many eco-friendly lodges. A good pick is The Pico Bonito Lodge that can be found in the Pico Bonito National Rainforest Park on Honduras’s Caribbean coast. Here you can see hundreds of bird species and there are guided hikes, waterfalls and day trips for activities such as swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving.

5. Thailand

Thailand is always a favourite when it comes to savvy traveling. That’s because you can save a lot of money on things such as food and local transport.  Hotels don’t have to be expensive, either. For example, for 200 baht (which is approximately R100) you can find a basic fan-cooled room for your holiday.

Good Green Fun: Explore Bangkok by bicycle.

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