Five Must-Have Eco Swimwear Items

eco swimwear

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to finding swimwear for summer, I get pulled by beautiful and trendy ideas from all over the web. Perhaps because the bikini is like a beach version of the Matric dance dress:  you don’t get to wear it every day (and if you do, I’m very jealous!) so when you do, you want to look outstanding. Here are some green and gorgeous eco swimwear picks sure to turn heads.

1. Sustainable and Sassy

Swimwear that is fashionable and functional should be on every woman’s must-have summer list. Odina, a brand whose name means ‘divine creation inspiration’, is swimwear made from recycled and reclaimed materials. Odina worked with surfers instead of models to ensure their pieces looked good and fitted well, giving women the ability to fly by the seat of their bikini bottoms and pursue their passions, such as exploring the world and surfing mammoth waves.

2. DIY Teekinis

You can make your own sustainable swimwear – all you need is an old T-shirt that you can cut into a midriff and bikini bottoms. However, make sure you line the shirt if you are going to swim because you don’t want to look like you’ve entered a wet t-shirt competition! Here are some instructions on how to make a teekini.

3. Sporty and Stylish

Koru Swimwear is an eco-friendly brand that makes use of green fabrics and recycled materials. Their 2013 sport swimwear range is great for active, sun-loving women because it’s comfortable and chic. The fabrics are light, breathable and fast-drying. Bonus? This swimwear is cleverly chlorine-resistant while offering UVA and UVB protection.

4. Recycled Plastic Swimsuit

Imagine gorgeous swimwear that is made from recycled plastic. Sounds so cool and creative, and it’s available from Faherty. This brand makes use of plastic bottles to create their pretty swimwear pieces. See, you can save the world in a bikini!

5. Revamping Your Bikini

Sometimes keeping the bikini you already have can be eco-friendly because it’s high on sustainability, preventing waste. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t score a new look for summer. Cut your full-length swimsuit into a bikini. Sew sequins onto a plain swimsuit or change how you wear your halter bikini top. For instance, you could tie the strands into a bow and wear them loose instead of tying them around your neck. Or you could add beads to the strands before you tie them into the classic halter-top style. Get creative and green, and you’ll be beautifully beach-ready in no time.

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