Eco-friendly Christmas Decor Ideas

eco-friendly christmas decor

This year I have channeled my inner Martha Stewart and have tried to craft as many Christmas decorations as possible. Not only is this a creative outlet and something you can do with the girls over a glass of wine {or now that the schools holidays are here, with your kids} but it’s eco-friendly too!

Here are a couple fuss-free eco-friendly Christmas decor, DIY ideas for you to try this holiday season!

DIY Festive Wreaths

I visited Kamers vol geskenke a few weeks ago and saw some beautiful, handmade Christmas wreaths but were close on R600 and this was way more than what I had intended on spending on a wreath, that may not even make it to next Christmas. So I decided to hit Google and found this video from Martha Stewart. It looked easy enough and strangely  it was! I’ve never considered myself much of a crafter but this year I have pleasantly surprised myself! {Just in time for our wedding prep!}

What you need: 

  • A circular wire ring {which you can get at any floral outlet, I got mine from Superfloral}. You can also use styrofoam but I found the wire easier.
  • Some leafy foliage – I used indigenous greenery
  • Thin, pliable wire strips
  • Glue & Glitter {optional}


Create bunches of your chosen greenery {as bushy as you want your wreath} and secure them together with the wire. Then attached them to the wire frame. Keep going until you have completed your wreath.

Should you want to spruce it up a bit, apply glue to a few leaves and scatter some glitter over them.

eco-friendly christmas wreath
My Martha inspired, handmade, indigenous Christmas wreath!

If you get stuck, watch this video.

The Versatile Pine Cone

I walk our dogs daily in the forest and there is an abundance of fallen pine cones along the path so while myself and my canine companions enjoy the fresh outdoors, I also use it as an opportunity to collect holiday decor items! Just add some colour or leave them untouched in their natural state – the pine cone makes the perfect DIY eco-friendly Christmas decor item. Here are a few different ways to incorporate them into your home this Festive Season.

eco-friendly christmas decor
Christmas tree pine cones! Add some green paint and a star!
eco-friendly christmas decor
Use as a wreath around candles and place in the centre of the table.
eco-friendly christmas decor
Pine cones to hold table place cards.
eco-friendly christmas decor
I have opted to display my painted cones in a glass vase.
eco-friendly christmas decor
My gold painted pine cones

Cutlery Stockings

Grab some needles and some red and white wool and start knitting! How cute are these cutlery stockings, the perfect addition to any Christmas table setting.

eco-friendly christmas decor

Images here

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