Karen Walker’s New Ethical Eyewear Campaign

New Zealand designer Karen Walker is using her new sunglasses campaign, “Visible” to draw attention to sustainable development in Africa. “Visible” was shot by lensman Derek Henderson for her Spring 2013 collection, Walker didn’t just employ the talents of artisans in Kenya, she had them model the looks, too. Partnering with the United Nations–endorsed Ethical Fashion Initiative, whose motto “Not Charity, Just Work” seeks to promote sustainable development over aid, Walker tasked the African nation’s finest micro-producers, designers, and craftspeople to produce the screen-printed pouches that will accompany every Karen Walker eyewear purchase from the collection.

Walker photographed machinists, cutters, tailors, production managers, and metal workers involved in the collection, as well as the Maasai crafters behind some of the more intricate beadwork seen on the pouches, for the campaign.

“We were thrilled to be able to work with the Ethical Fashion Initiative on this project and wanted to expand on that by presenting not only the pouches they’re creating for us, but also something more intimate – a glimpse into the world that the work is coming from,” Walker told the Telegraph on Wednesday. “This campaign captures both this innate optimism and love of maximum impact in the images themselves and also the way in which they direct our attention to this part of the world and the work being done there. In short, the images help to bring visibility to this place, these people and the work of the Ethical Fashion Initiative.”

Walker says she plans to further her relationship with Ethical Fashion Initiative. “We’re intending to continue our work with the EFI in 2014 and beyond and we’re looking forward to expanding our work with them into new areas,” she told Daily Life.

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