Wedding Trends for 2014

It’s a new year full of new wedding trends set to make this a swoon-worthy wedding season.

Here are a few hot wedding trends to be on the lookout for in 2014.

Fabulous Wedding Colours for 2014

The colour blue, especially royal blue and navy blue, have made the list of top wedding colours in 2014. However pink-themed weddings have always been popular and you can still have one using new and classy shades that will beautifully offset your wedding decorations.

This trend gained a lot of popularity within the last two bridal seasons, with many brides pairing soft pinks with neutral browns. This season we will be seeing more adventurous colour schemes with light pink and cranberry, including the Stargazer lily combined with bold pink peonies, for example.

Woodlands Weddings

One of the overarching big wedding themes of 2014, the rustic and natural looking wedding with sophisticated glam, is making inroads in the wedding industry. Branchy and green centrepieces with lush flowers seem to be all the craze.

It isn’t difficult to achieve the Woodlands look. Adding rustic and natural elements to your table arrangements will add elegance to your wedding. For fashion, brides can opt for long wedding veils featuring floral embellishments and ethereal lace. Pull the look together with a fun animal motif printed on everything ranging from escort cards to ceremony programs and invites.

Wedding Invitations

Laser-cutting is a technique being used on lace and other types of wedding invitations. This technique allows you to cut intricately designed shapes directly onto the invitation and make your personality shine.

If you would like to tie it into the Woodlands look, cutting out animal motifs or nature shapes of leaves, sticks and pebble stones can add an entirely different dimension to your wedding invites.

The Wedding Playlist

Many brides are option for eclectic music during the reception and cocktail hour. Many brides are moving away from the string quartet and tying it to their heritage. If a Jewish bride, opt for a klezmer playlist, if Latina, go with flamenco guitar.

Also remain true to your theme. If you’re doing a film theme, like The Great Gatsby, or a France theme, French music will do perfectly.

The Wedding Cake

Ombré seems to be everywhere. New trends sees Ombré wedding cakes frosted in white at the top tier, then fade from the palest into the deepest of pink hues at the bottom. 2014 also sees the wedding cake trend veer away from the square tiers and embrace the classic round shaped.

The Flowers

Make a beautiful contradiction between elegant containers and touchable, full and loose table arrangements of garden roses, poppies, anemones and lilac, tying in with the woodlands wedding theme.

To see more weddings trends, visit our Pinterest page.

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