Romantic Meat-Free Meals

meat-free meals

If you’re cooking up a storm for a romantic Valentine’s Day meal, there are many delicious meat-free meal ideas you could try.

You don’t need to eat meat in order to enjoy satisfying meals. Did you know that just by cutting down on your meat consumption, you could give the world some serious love? As noted on the Institution of Mechanical Engineers website, it takes 20-50 times more water to produce only one kilogram of meat when compared to producing vegetables of the same amount.

Here are 5 meat substitutes and how to use them in meals:


Seitan is a vegan alternative to meat that is made from wheat gluten (not a good idea if your partner is allergic to gluten, though!) The cool thing about seitan is that it has a meaty texture, plus it absorbs flavour. You can grill or fry it – your boyfriend will love that! – or even use in fajitas instead of meat.


If you love rice, then quinoa is even better. It is rich in protein and magnesium, plus it can be a lovely addition to a meat-free salad. You could even bake quinoa patties instead of making beef burgers, which is always a fun treat instead of going out for dinner. Here are recipes for quinoa patties that you can try – but skip the garlic if kissing is on the dessert menu!


Pumpkin is delicious but it really doesn’t have to be boring when used in cooking. Try out some delicious pumpkin-filled pasta (instead of mince) that isn’t too difficult to make (there are some tasty recipe ideas on the Sweet Basil website). A winner for dessert is to make a classic, and always welcome, pumpkin pie.


Mushrooms add tang to any meal and they can be used in hamburgers, salads or pasta dishes instead of meat. If you want to bulk up their protein offering, a good tip is to mix in some cheese or tofu.


Spuds are a comfort food that’s just perfect for feeling the love, plus you can get creative with them: use potatoes in omelettes, gratins or potato pancakes for a  perfect Valentine’s Day breakfast. If you want something a little different, switch to sweet potatoes instead of the regular ones. Yum!

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