A Fashion Revolution is Underway

fashion revolution

For those who follow the fashion industry it’s impossible not to notice that a fashion revolution is happening and it centres on eco fashion and sustainable clothing. When you hear the term ‘eco-friendly’ the first things that come to mind are probably food items, electric cars, or products without harsh chemicals, but the fashion industry is undergoing its own eco revolution in a big way.

Every industry under pressure to reduce its environmental footprint in any way possible and the fashion industry is no exception. Eco fashion, sometimes called sustainable fashion, is a term that describes fabrics that are produced and manufactured in ways that have the least impact on the environment. Many aspects of production are considered, from how the materials are grown, the renewability of a fibre, the process of creating textiles and the total carbon footprint of the combined processes.

Consumers are becoming more aware of how their clothes are manufactured and assembled and clothing lines around the world are under increasing pressure to be sustainable and to engage in fair labour and employment practices. Sustainable clothing websites are growing in popularity as people become more conscious of the controversial issues surrounding the fashion industry, such as harmful environmental practices and substandard factory safety regulations.

This revolution is not just a fad – it’s here to stay. Designers are working to develop renewable fabrics and reuse old fabrics in new and creative ways, while reducing their environmental footprint caused by the manufacturing process. We’ve seen a steady increase in the focus on sustainable clothing and sustainable fashion during the past decade and as the public continues to put pressure on the fashion industry to become more ‘green’, we will continue to see innovative changes that are better for everyone involved and better for the Earth.

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