Veganize Your Beauty Bag!

vegan make-up

Looking gorgeous should be good for your skin!  Since it often substitutes animal-derived ingredients for natural ones, vegan cosmetics make it easy to create a more organic beauty regime while saving the animals. Here are five items you should have in your beauty box.

1.  Fruity Blush

The cold, dry weather requires a bit more rouge to give you that summery blush. One of the beauty trends this year includes pretty blush, as could be seen at Milan Fashion Week with Dolce & Gabbana’s ‘enchanted beauty’ look.  You can get candy blush at home with Pure Skincare. Their Fruit Pigmented Pretty Naked Blush contains fruit pigments with vitamins and antioxidants. It’s completely natural, vegan and gluten-free, giving your skin a break from synthetic dyes and minerals.

2. Jelly Liner

Eye liner is a must-have product whether you want a natural or dramatic look. A liner that gives you the chance to create precise or smoky lines is a valuable addition to your beauty bag this season and beyond. One of the winter beauty trends sported at Paris Fashion Week runways was the flicked, winged eye liner as displayed by Jean Paul Gaultier. To achieve it, try Jane Iredale  Jelly Jar Gel eye liner that comes in brown or black. It’s both cruelty-free and vegan.

3. Fresh Lips

With such dramatic eyes, lips seen on the runway stayed balmy and nude. A light and velvety lip balm can be all your lips need to look nourished and sexy. ZAO Liquid Lipbalm makes your lips glossy while keeping them protected against the harsh elements.  If you’re a die-hard lipstick fanatic, this vegan balm works as a great base under it. You can purchase it from the Faithful to Nature website.

4. Dramatic Eye Brows

Keeping with the theme of vivid eyes, eyebrows can also make a fashion statement. At Milan Fashion Week, Giorgio Armani displayed straight and graphic eyebrows. Think drawn-in brows with defined lines. To achieve this look, a good pencil is required. You can find a nice vegan one from Logona  that comes with a brow brush attached and contains beneficial extracts that are good for your skin, such as Shea butter and seed oil.

5.  Scribbly Mascara and Stained Lips

The cool thing about untidy mascara, as sported by Prada at Milan Fashion Week, is that it drives home the message that a lack of perfection can be gorgeous. You can try the look by applying dabs of mascara to your lashes and making them spike in different directions. Forget symmetry. (Great if you’re in a rush!) Try Beauty Without Cruelty’s Ultimate Natural Mascara that creates soft, flexible and moisturised lashes.  Then add some red lipstick to your look, but it should give the appearance that you’ve just eaten some succulent berries. Try Adorn’s Perfect Pout lipsticks to achieve that sexy stain.

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