Winter 2014 Fashion Trends

winter 2014 fashion trends

Want to make sure you look like a million bucks this winter? Then read this quick guide about the latest Winter 2014 fashion trends from the catwalks all over the globe:

Embellishments instead of prints

The past few seasons have seen a lot of prints – everything from galaxy and space-themed prints to leopard, flowers and retro zig-zags. Winter trend reports, however, have shown that embellishments, textured materials and brooches are going to replace a lot of these one-dimensional prints. Check out Mary Katrantzou’s range of dresses to see what’s in store.

Knits meets mesh meets embroidery

Designer Peter Pilotto and his partner Christopher De Vos have created an interesting niche for themselves with eye-catching textures and designs that include colourful beads, mesh tops, knits and prints. The lines between these different textures are blurred to create hybrid knitted pieces for winter.

Re-purposed vintage apparel

Eco designer Bridgett Artise showcased her eclectic winter range of repurposed vintage clothing at Fashion Week Brooklyn 2014. The range is all about finding funky and feminine ways to recycle and upcycle classic pieces. “Bridgett Artise is a woman who has reinvented the ways of sustainable fashion and changed the ways of affordable luxury as her fans know it,” said Check out Bridgett’s range here.

Another eco-friendly designer that received popular reviews at Fashion Week Brooklyn 2014 was Malcolm Cannon. His “Royal Majesty Clothing” range. Cannon’s designs encompass urban street-wear and class enabling anyone to be “Fit for Royalty”.

Stripes, polka dots, fur and leather

Popular designer, Matthew Williamson, showcased a winter range that was all about glitz and glamour. Polka dots and stripes were all over the show and he also combined a lot of fur and leather, which is a classic look for the fall and winter. If his show is anything to go by, then rest assured that it’s fine to wear sunglasses in the winter (as long as the frames are square and chunky).

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