Winter Energy Saving Tips


Want to slash your electricity bill and be more eco-friendly this winter? Then consider these energy saving tips:

The sun costs less than a heater

Remember that the sun gives you free heat, so pull back the drapes and let the sun shine into your rooms during the day when you’re at work. This way, your home will be warmer when you come back home in the evening. Tip: Make sure you don’t have any electronics or expensive items that can be seen by passer-by’s from outside.

Change your fan’s setting

Believe it or not, but your fan can also be used to help keep heat in. Fans are great appliances to increase ventilation in your home, but you can also control how much heat rises (or stays put) within a room. A ceiling fan that turns counter-clockwise will push hot air up during summer and a ceiling fan that turns clockwise will trap heat inside to keep your rooms warmer during winter.

Get a humidifier

The air can get pretty dry during winter (depending on where you live in South Africa). A humidifier will help moisten the air and moist air not only feels warmer, but it holds heat better.

Invest in a few upgrades

Seeing as the price of electricity has gone up, it’s worth your while to spend a few Rands to make your home more winter-friendly. Dirty furnace filters and old heaters are less energy efficient than new ones, so book a service for your existing heating appliances. Another great idea is to install insulation, which will make a drastic difference to the amount of heating (and cooling, for that matter) your household needs all year round.

Now that you’ve got some tips to save energy, enjoy a bit more cash in your back pocket (thanks to reduced electricity bills)!

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