The Capsule Wardrobe Can Be Fun!

capsule wardrobe

You need a hot outfit. You pull open your closet doors and within a few minutes cry out in despair, ‘I have nothing to wear!’ Sound familiar? It’s a common yet frustrating feeling that strikes every woman at least once in her lifetime. Creating a capsule wardrobe can help to prevent such stressful situations from happening.

A capsule wardrobe is really just a versatile collection of clothing that always makes you look good. Contrary to popular belief, a capsule wardrobe does not have to only include classic items of wear. If you build it well, it can help you achieve a good selection of clothes that can be mixed ’n matched while giving you sustainable fashion flair for years to come.

Here are some tips to help you rock out the capsule wardrobe.

1. Study Your Style

Before you begin choosing what clothing you should have in your capsule wardrobe, focus on defining your main style. Do you regularly wear timeless clothing that survives lots of seasons? Does your clothing tend to have a vintage or retro look? Not sure what your style is? Keep a clothing diary for a month and see what items you mostly wear – these will be the foundation of your capsule wardrobe.

2. Choose Some Basics

No matter what your style, there are some general basic items that can form the foundation of anyone’s wardrobe. These include:

  • Fitted black pants that look good in the office or out on the town.
  • Flattering denims that accentuate your body’s assets and look good both formally or casually.
  • White or black shirt (depending on your preference), a classic item that matches any style.
  • Jacket that works with most of your items.
  • Little black dress that you can rock at a corporate function or hot date.
  • Flattering skirt that goes with most of your tops.

3. Don’t Lose Your Unique Fashion Sense

It helps to have a few basic items for all your clothing types, such as those mentioned above, however don’t fall into the trap of thinking that these need to be bland. Yes, they should be versatile, matching at least a few items in your wardrobe so that you can create various looks with minimal effort, but they should never be boring!  For instance, if you are choosing a classic pencil skirt, consider one in an interesting material, such as wool, or one that has an interesting pattern. Classic and sleek black pants, on the other hand, could have interesting zip details.

2. Add More Than One Color Palette

You should have some basic items in neutral colours so that they’ll go with anything. But don’t stop there! Add two or three other colours you love to wear for a nice burst of brightness. So, for instance, two of your neutrals could be black and white, and then you could bring in a fiery yellow and navy blue that complement the neutrals and each other.

3. Accessorise!

Accessories go a long way to making your capsule wardrobe more you. Focus on jewellery, handbags, clutch purses and belts that can bring in extra colours, patterns or trends to your style without any change to your clothes. It’s also often wiser to chase the trends in small amounts with accessories rather than changing a large part of your wardrobe.

4. Upcycle Your Clothes

You can extend the life of your capsule wardrobe items by upcycling them into new things. An animal print scarf could become a belt, a long nautical-patterned dress could be cut into a mini skirt, and so on. Breathe new life into your clothing so that it lasts for longer.

5. Shop Smart

The next time you’re out shopping for clothes, be more critical of items you see. Really question if they work with your capsule wardrobe. Don’t buy anything unless it will match at least three or four items you already have at home. This ensures that both new and old clothing continue to blend nicely.

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