Zero-Waste Accessories from Precious Skin


Precious Skin, a unique zero-waste accessories collection by Berlin designer, Victoria Ledig, is made from unusual cow body parts that not only shows how much of each animal is wasted, but also how well-disguised leather products often are.

Ledig created the zero-waste handbags and accessories for her graduation project at the Design Academy Eindhoven, who describes the human fascination with leather. “It is beautiful, precious and grotesque at the same time. We sometimes forget that touching leather is to handle a former living being’s hide. Most leather is processed to the point of becoming unrecognizable as what it is and this contributes to a general attitude, which I chose to question in this project.”

It is beautiful, precious and grotesque at the same time.

It’s unmistakably clear as to which part of the dead cow was used for each piece, including heads, tails, ears, and lower legs, forcing consumers to think about where the item really came from and possibly re-evaluating their purchasing decision.  As Ledig puts it, “This way the animal’s presence and past lies undeniably in every touch of each leather bag.”

What do you think? Would you buy something that clearly resembled it’s past?

via Ecouterre

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