Love is in the Hair! Bridal Hairstyles For Winter Weddings

bridal hairstyles

Beautiful hair is a must on your big day, but if you’re having a winter wedding you’re going to want to avoid frizzy or unmanageable hair from wrecking your snaps.  Try one of these trendy bridal hairstyles to achieve crowning glory.

Bejewelled Hair Bun

If you want your hair to be out of the way but elegant, an easy style is to sweep the hair up into a bun and then place a tiara on your head.  Spritz on an organic finishing spray such as Less is More by Brandhuber & Trummer that keeps hair smooth and prevents static.  Many hair trends are about hair that’s not too perfect, so leave a few strands loose for a relaxed look.

Curls and Bun in One!

Curly hair is always gorgeous, but if you want to prevent your locks from frizzing due to bad weather, consider a curly up-style.  On damp hair, apply some Organic Head mousse to create volume then blow dry it and use a curling iron if your hair is not naturally curly.  Then, separate your locks into two big ponytails: the first one should be tied higher up near the crown and the second one underneath.  Place the curls in a flattering way and fasten them with bobby pins. Conceal the ponytail ties with specially positioned curls.

Mermaid Waves

A hot trend as seen on the Calvin Klein spring catwalk this year is luxurious mermaid waves that are perfect for long hair.  Create strong, tight curls by curling pieces of hair that are no wider than two inches and holding your curling iron so that it is tilted towards the floor during use.  Get a friend to curl the back of your hair in the same way so it matches the front.  Use a hairspray to finish off the look and keep it in place.  Try NuStyle Organic Hairspray that contains organic quinoa to lock in your hairstyle.

Romantic Braids

Whether your hair is long or short, braids have become highly stylish and you can wear them up or down.  If you have long hair and an open-back dress, a long thick plait all the way down your back that is decorated with flowers or beautiful hair pins is stunning.  If you want a braid and some loose hair, a cascading or waterfall braid works best while being very fashionable.  Here are tips on how to achieve the look.  Another braid-beautiful idea is to leave your hair loose and then create a plait with hair taken from both sides of your head towards the centre.  This creates a crown effect.

Stylish with Short Hair

If you have a bob, try flicking out the tips of your hair so that it gives your look a little something different for your big day.  But short hair is the perfect opportunity to use hair accessories or rock a classic chignon.  Check out how to create twisted chignons for short hair.  A chignon works best on slightly dirty hair, so if you’ve got squeaky clean locks, spritz on dry shampoo such as Skinny Skinny Organic Dry Shampoo.  It contains lavender and rosemary to leave hair fresh while making it easier to style.

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