The Next Black: A Documentary about The Future of Clothing

The Next Black is a 45 minute documentary about the future of fashion.

The Next Black, produced by AEG, focuses on the designers, innovators and leaders that are shaping the future of clothing and explores the changes to come. What is clear, is the fact that change lies with the consumer. Consumers need to be educated on sustainable design and the opportunities there are in order to change their current, unsustainable consumption patterns. This is not a film about what’s new, it’s about what’s next.

Buy Less. Choose Well. – Vivienne Westwood

“The film was created to explore the evolution of the clothing industry in order for us to understand how consumer’s washing needs might change as a consequence. AEG has a pioneering history and to continue to drive innovation, we need to understand what’s next,” says Ola Nilsson, head of laundry at AEG in a statement. But advancements within the garment industry isn’t the only route to a healthier planet, Nilsson adds. The way people care for their clothes also makes a huge impact on the environment. “Reducing energy and water use in our appliances while ensuring the gentlest care possible to prolong the lifetime of garments, are ways for us to help make the clothing industry more sustainable”, he says. “We can also educate consumers about how to care for their clothes with least possible impact on the environment.”

Fashion is only concerned with what is happening in the next 5 minutes

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