Get a Healthy Winter Glow: Winter Make-up Tips

When winter feels harsh, you don’t want that dryness or redness to be reflected on your skin! The goal is to look dew-fresh while still playing around with winter’s colour palette. Here are some winter make-up tips to try.

Gorgeous Groundwork

Of course, the best way for make-up to give you a glow is for your skin to be in great condition. This provides the right foundation for cosmetics to do their pretty work. Prep your skin by revitalising it with Vitamin C, an essential nutrient for skin.  Try Pure Skincare’s Vitamin C Serum that brightens skin, boosts collagen and renews skin cells.

Freshly Picked

You want your face to look supple and moisturised instead of dull and damaged, but this can be a problem when the air starts to dry out. To remedy the situation, choose a hydrating foundation instead of a powder-based one. This enables your base to continue refreshing your skin long after you’ve used your daily moisturiser. Try Inika’s Certified Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation that contains a blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to provide skin coverage and moisture.

Dramatic Gloss

If you hate the way lipstick disappears, leaving your lips looking cracked or dry, choose a bold gloss instead. This gives your lips a flash of dramatic color, plus it’s easier when having to do touch-ups during the day because no lip liner is required. Try a stunning reflecting gloss by Juice Beauty that provides deep and bright colour while offering lip TLC.

Blushing Beauty

Winter can lead to red skin, so watch what shade you use as blush! Instead of a peach or bronze product, choose a rosy blush that will work with how your skin flushes naturally. This balances out the redness you might be experiencing, plus it gives you a warm wintry look as though you’ve just come back from horse riding or picking magnolias! Jane Iredale In Touch Cream Blush is a blush stick that you can roll over your cheeks to give you natural and beautiful rosiness. It’s also a great double-duty item ’cause you can use it as lip balm.

Open Your Eyes

Eyes that shimmer are always a winner so use an iridescent eye liner. This will accentuate the shape of your eyes and highlight them. You can make your shiny liner look more dramatic by creating smoky lines. Earthy copper or cool grey (as seen by Valentino) are both gorgeous tones. Try the Eyeshadow Trio 04 Ocean by Logona that contains a lilac-grey, a sea green and a blueish shade with which you can make your eyes stand out.

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